Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pencil Carving Art | Pencil Tip Carvings

Pencil - only a tool used for painting, drawing, or putting down notes in the margins. In anyone - yes, but not at the Getty Dalton. This 45-year-old resident of Bridgeport for 25 years turns ordinary pencils into miniature sculptures, without using a magnifying glass

We have already talked once about the so-called "pencil carving, but in the case openwork patterns created from the wood of a pencil. Dalton Getty, on the contrary, the tree is not interested: material for his sculptures is a pencil. Among the works of the author can see the shoes, a church, a bust of Elvis. Not long ago, Dalton created a series of 26 sculptures, where the tip of each pencil, cut out the letter of the English alphabet

Dalton Getty works very slowly. He does not use any special tools: for he needed only a blade, a sewing needle and a very bright light. To protect their vision, the author works for one and half hours a day. One tiny sculpture may take several months, and the creation of the previously mentioned script in Dalton took 2,5 years. "When I tell people how long it takes me to create sculptures, they simply do not believe me, - says Getty. - My patience is simply amazing people, because nowadays everyone wants to be quicker, faster and faster.

By carving yet started to get involved in the age of 8 years. He tried to cut out pieces of the wooden part of a pencil, soap, chalk, but eventually stopped on the graphite. According to Dalton, is the perfect medium: it is soft and not as grainy as wood
Dalton believes that his sculptures are forcing people to stay at least for a few moments to escape from the mad rhythm of modern life and see the beauty in miniature detail
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