Friday, July 16, 2010

Beautiful colorful Paintings of a Blind Artist

The adventure of this dark artisan is amazing and unbelievable. Professional CPA with a accurate memory, Lisa Fittipaldi absent her eyes due to a vascular ache in 1993. She absent her job too, but overcame amaurosis and began painting in 1995.

Her paintings are so bright and bright; it’s harder to accept that they were fatigued by a dark being who can’t even see colors or distance. The capital claiming to Lisa was if she was told she could never actualize circuitous scenes of accustomed activity with humans as capital characters.

But she managed to do so, and today her paintings are apparent in museums and galleries about the world. Fittipaldi is a different artisan with an amazing close vision.

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  1. very nice...goes to show that even if one loses their eyesight that one remembers the colors one once has seen