Saturday, March 5, 2011

What Do You Know About Goldfish?

There are two groups of goldfish. While the first group is suitable for a tank, the other one is suitable for a pond. Goldfish suitable for the tank are generally shaped like egg and they will have double tail and bubble eyes. Examples of this type are moors, celestials, fantails, pompoms etc.The other species is suitable for a pond. These will require more space to move around. Examples of such species are commons, shubunkins and comets. If you try to put these varieties in the tank, they may not survive for a long time. What should be the size of the tank ideal for goldfish? You should try to get the tank as big as possible. If you are introducing a pair, you should have the tank capacity of at least 40 gallons. Generally 20 gallons of water per goldfish is considered ideal. However, when you transfer goldfish from a pond to the tank, you need to provide at least 60 gallons per goldfish to keep them happy.
gold fish

Why they require this much area?

Goldfish produce a lot of waste. They don't have stomach, so whatever they eat will come out soon. This contaminates the water quickly. They also grow large and very quickly! If you deliberately keep them in a small tank, they will be very uncomfortable and sometimes it will lead to problems which will lead to their death.

How much bigger the goldfish can grow?

The variety suitable for a tank can grow up to 10 inches while the one suitable for the pond can grow up to 18 inches.

How long the goldfish can live?

If you are providing appropriate environment and food then they can live up to 25 years!

Is it suitable to keep goldfish in a bowl?

Absolutely not! One Goldfish needs at least 15 to 20 gallons of water with good filtration and maintenance. In the absence of such conditions, they will get suffocated. The bowl will not provide sufficient surface area also which will not provide enough oxygen for the fish.

Do you need to install a heater in your tank for keeping goldfish?

Not required. Goldfish are the cold water fish and they do not require any heating.

Can I put other varieties of fish in my goldfish tank?

You can put cold water fish varieties like white clouds or trenches in your goldfish tank. However you should not introduce any tropical fish in the same tank.
gold fish

I have a very small tank to keep goldfish. What should I do?

In that situation you should consider of selling your goldfish to someone who can take proper care of them. There is no point keeping them in a small tank.

While cycling my tank where should I put goldfish?

While you are doing your cycling of water, you should keep your goldfish in a separate place because the process of cycling will give stress to your fish. It can also make them vulnerable to many diseases.

Where goldfish comes from?

Goldfish comes from China where they were bred in different varieties and then introduce to the world.

My Goldfish is sick, what should I do?

Observe carefully the symptoms of your goldfish and then make an on-line search. You can also go for some digital books which can help you. If you know the correct cause for their sickness, you can treat them after consulting some expert or after getting some on-line help.

Which plants are suitable for my Goldfish?

There is no such specific requirement. Any plant which is healthy can be suitable for them. Introduce some plants which are hard so that Goldfish will not try to eat them! I can suggest crypts, swords, anubias or sagittaria.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Statues of Beautiful Penitents of Taxco, Mexico

In many countries especially those with past Spanish links, some Roman Catholic believers still follow the old medieval practice of painful and bloody self-penitence to atone for their sins. The town of Taxco, Mexico is perhaps the most famous for this ritual which takes place every year during the Easter week, where the repenting sinners known as "Penitentes" walk through cobbled winding streets of the old town.
The Penitentes always wear black dress and their head is also fully covered with black hood with small openings for eyes. The Penitentes are further categorised by the method of penance.
"Penitentes Flagelante" are those who walk the route shirtless and carry a large, heavy wooden cross in their arms. They carry a rosary and a whip with thorny metallic end in their hands. They frequently stop during the procession, give the heavy cross to attendees who accompany them and then flagellate (whip) their backs. This is repeated every night during Holy Week reopening the wounds of the earlier day.
"Penitentes Encruzado" are those who instead of the cross, carry a heavy bundle (40-50 kg.) of thorned blackberry canes which is tied across their bare back and outstretched arms. They are also helped by attendees who occasionally give support to the thorny bundle when the procession is not moving.
"Animas Penitentes" wear full black dress covering their whole body and also cover their head with hood. They have heavy chains attached to their ankles and walk in stooped bent posture carrying small crosses or lighted candles. As they always face the ground, these penitentes have attendants who guide them during the procession. When the procession stops, they are allowed to rest only by going down on hands and knees.
This is the only category in which women also take part.
To honour the Repenting Sinners, three statues, representing each category of the penitentes, have been installed behind the oldest monastery in the town - The ex-monastery of San Bernardino de Siena, constructed at the end of the 16th century.

Image from Wikimedia Commons is by User:Gengiskanhg

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Image from Flickr is by teques

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Monday, January 31, 2011

Blue City of Jodhpur founded in 1459, ubiquitous blueness of Jodhpur

Blue City of Jodhpur, India

Travellers journeying through the desolate landscape of the unforgiving Thar desert in the Indian state of Rajasthan would know when they had reached their destination. The sky would fall to the ground and everything would become a single color – blue. Jodhpur would lie before them, opening up like a blue treasure in the desert.
Blue City of Jodhpur, India

Blue City of Jodhpur, India

Why the population of the fortress city – the Blue City as it is universally known – took to painting their houses in various shades of blue is not completely certain. Yet most believe it is to do with the prevailing caste system in India.
Blue City of Jodhpur, India

It is thought that Brahmins – members of the priestly class – first took to coloring their houses blue (yet perhaps it should really be called indigo) to signify their domicile and to set them apart from the rest of the population. Soon, however, the rest of the population followed suit. History does not tell us which brave non-Brahmin was the first to do it, yet it happened and since that day the people of Jodhpur have steadfastly maintained this tradition.

Blue City of Jodhpur, India

Ask a local why all the houses are painted thus and the usual reply is that the color keeps the interiors cool and fends of mosquitoes. Yet if this truly worked then it would be quite likely that the whole subcontinent would be awash in various hues of indigo.
Blue City of Jodhpur, India

Blue City of Jodhpur, India

More likely is symbolism. Although an unscientific response, what answer would most give when asked the color of water? It is likely that the ubiquitous blueness of Jodhpur is an exuberant display of human resilience against the stark Thar desert which surrounds the town. Against the bleak backdrop of parched brown earth the blue city exerts itself magnificently.
Blue City of Jodhpur, India

Blue City of Jodhpur, India

You might think that closer inspection would lessen the impact of the color, yet a look at many of Jodhpur’s streets immediately puts that idea to rest. The word unremitting springs immediately to mind.
Blue City of Jodhpur, India

Blue City of Jodhpur, India

Blue City of Jodhpur, India

The modern trappings of life go side by side with evidence that many people still live as simply as they have always done. Although Jodhpur was only founded in 1459, the state of Rajasthan is significant in Indian history as it formed the bedrock of the Indus Valley Civilization, thought to be one of the most ancient human civilizations on the planet.
Blue City of Jodhpur, India

Blue City of Jodhpur, India

Blue City of Jodhpur, India

Perhaps the color has a calming effect but humans and animals seem to coexist peacefully side by side in Jodhpur. Even with the animals, inter-species friendships are not unheard of.
Blue City of Jodhpur, India

Blue City of Jodhpur, India

Blue City of Jodhpur, India

Squatting above the city like a giant bird mourning its broken blue eggs is the mighty Mehrangarh Fort the foundations of which were built in 1459, the year in which the English knight John Fastolf died – to be immortalised much later by Shakespeare as Falstaff.
Blue City of Jodhpur, India

Blue City of Jodhpur, India

The fort was ordered by Rao Jodha the ruler of Rathore who had decided to move his capital there. One legend has it that in order for the fort to be built the only human resident, a hermit, had to be forcibly evicted.
Blue City of Jodhpur, India

Blue City of Jodhpur, India

He cursed Jodha with the words May your citadel ever suffer a scarcity of water! Although the ruler did eventually appease the hermit by building him a temple the city is still hit by drought every four years or so.
Blue City of Jodhpur, India

A much darker legend is that of Rajiya Bhambi. Jodha promised that his family would be looked after eternally if he did one thing for him. The request was that he would be buried alive in the foundations of the fort. Rajiya agreed. To this day his descendants still live in a blue house on the land they were gifted by the ruler which is known as Rajiya’s garden.

The color of Jodhpur tells the history – and makes it legend - of a populace who shaped a paradise in the heart of the heat and sandstorms of Rajasthan.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

10 Funniest Comedy Sketches About Aliens

Aliens are inherently funny, even when they're drinking the marrow out of your funny bone. These are ten of the best alien-themed sketches this side of the Crab Nebula (and no, Coneheads is not #1).

10.) "Spacelords" from Human Giant (2007)
An extra-dimensional despot and his crew disintegrate a bunch of food service workers, take over the restaurant, and then torture the customers. Like Superman 2, if General Zod had really low aspirations for intergalactic conquest.

9 & 8.) "Salame!" from Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! (2007) and "Star Worlds" from Sifl and Olly (1997-1998)
"Salame!" and "Star Worlds" are perhaps the most iconic sketches of their respective shows. These skits also contain a surrealist brand of humor as unfathomable as any alien culture, so chances are you'll find the below videos either really fucking funny or really fucking frustrating. It all depends on your threshold for puppets.

7.) The Alien Scene from Monty Python's The Life of Brian (1979)
This isn't exactly a comedy sketch, but A.) this list wouldn't feel right without it; and B.) it's one of cinema's greatest non sequiturs courtesy of one of history's finest sketch groups. The scene begins with Roman legionnaires chasing would-be messiah Brian up a parapet, segues into a minute or so of intergalactic insanity, and ends. That's what I love about Monty Python films - they're always keen to blow thousands of dollars on fantastically pointless scenes.

6.) "Astronauts" from The Upright Citizens Brigade (1998)
The Upright Citizens Brigade holds a benefit show to combat - among many things - prejudice against astronauts. Things go horrifically downhill when hecklers goad token astronaut Mike Birchwood to eat a plain old earthbound cheeseburger.

5.) "Anal Probing Aliens" from Kids in the Hall (1992-1993)
A career-weary extraterrestrial (Dave Foley) questions why his technologically superior civilization's Great Leader commands him to rectally violate rednecks. Best quote: "I'm sure the Great Leader is just some sort of twisted ass freak!"

4.) "Science Fiction Sketch/Man Turns Into Scotsman" from Monty Python's Flying Circus (1969)
A mysterious alien race is turning Englishmen into Scotsmen. 'Nuff said.

3.) "Conehead Family Feud" from Saturday Night Live (1978)
Yeah, it's dated, but this is the routine that pops into most folks' heads when you say the words "alien comedy sketch." It's also empirically impossible to hate on Bill Murray at his most oleaginous and Dan Aykroyd eating his morning eggs with fiberglass.

2.) "Racist In The Year 3000" from Mr. Show (1998)
"Not you, Zaxxon, I ain't talking to you. You one of the good ones. Aiight? I mean the-the-there's white people made of gas, you know what I'm saying. Give me another space beer, Gleep Glop." (PS: Best science fiction drinkery since the Mos Eisley cantina.)

1.) "The Bearded Men of Space Station 11" from The State (1995)
The sketch has no jokes, punchlines, or real beards. Paradoxically, these are the exact things that make it a comedy classic.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Beautiful movable city on rails, Norwegian city of Andalsnes


Imagine a city in motion, where not a single building is anchored to the ground, with hotels, event halls and other structures all on rails and movable at will. That’s the vision behind ‘A Rolling Master Plan‘, a concept for the Norwegian city of Andalsnes by Swedish architects Jägnefält Milton. Both existing and new railway systems would be used to reconfigure the town for seasonal changes and special events.

Norwegian movable-city-rails-1

The concept, which won third place in a competition to design a new masterplan for the city, is based upon small blocky buildings including a rolling hotel, public bath and concert hall. Because the town is full of tourists in the summer but becomes very cold and dreary in the winter, such a scheme would allow the entire town to take full advantage of warm weather by spreading out.

Norwegian movable-city

In the winter, the collection of buildings would be pulled into the the town center for locals to enjoy. Moving the structures and reorganizing how they’re laid out gives tourists a new town to come back to every year. Each of the portable structures is kept on a trailer at all times, making transport quick and fairly simple.

Beautiful Norwegian movable-city-rails

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Qingdao Haiwan Bridge - China World’s Longest Sea Bridge

At 42.5 kilometers, the Qingdao Haiwan Bridge, connecting the city of Qingdao in Eastern China's Shandong province with the suburban Huangdao District across the waters of the northern part of Jiaozhou Bay, is the longest bridge over water. The six-lane road bridge is almost 5 kilometers longer than the previous record holder - the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway in the American state of Louisiana. When it opens to traffic later this year, the bridge is expected to carry over 30,000 cars a day and will cut the commute between the city of Qingdao and the sprawling suburb of Huangdao by between 20 and 30 minutes.
The bridge was built in just 4 years at a cost of US$ 8.6 billion. At least 10,000 workers toiled in two teams around the clock to build the bridge, which was constructed from opposite ends and connected in the middle in the last few days. The 450,000 ton structure of steel is supported by 5,200 columns and is strong enough to withstand a magnitude 8 earthquake, typhoons or the impact of a 300,000 ton vessel.

China is already home to seven of the world's 10 longest bridges, including the world's lengthiest, the 102 mile Danyang-Kunshan rail bridge, which runs over land and water near Shanghai.
And with Beijing pumping billions into boosting China's infrastructure, the Qingdao Haiwan Bridge will not be the world's longest sea bridge for very long. In December 2009, work started on a 31 mile bridge that will link Zhuhai in southern Guangdong Province, China's manufacturing heartland, with the financial centre of Hong Kong. The £6.5 billion project is expected to be completed in 2016.
[via Telegraph]