Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fat Babies | Beautiful kid's pictures | pretty chunky

So my son is 8 months, and pretty chunky. It's kind of like carrying around a sack of flour, but cuter. So I got to thinking, how fat do babies get. I was surprised at the result:

Mmmm, finger tastes good.
Beautiful pretty chunky

Holy crap!
Beautiful Fat Babies

Baby like Twinkie.
Beautiful fat kid's pictures

Sir, are you aware that there is a giant baby on your head?
Fat Babies

Buy that baby a bra.
cute Fat Babies

I wonder if I can eat it...
sweet Fat Babies

Her next child should be able to walk out.

Aw, twins.

You know they are fat, when you have to start dressing them in sacks.
pretty chunky babies


  1. omg this is so sad and people who make fun of them its not funny its all GODS creation :) and we shouldn't make fun of it


  3. These babies being fat aren't cute they're miserable!! Do you realize when these babies get sick how traumatizing it is on them, esp. with colds and pneumonia, it's so difficult for them to breathe, coughing is so hard on them with all the weight. They can get the same illnesses as adults like diabetes, flu, kidney problems, whatever the disease or illness they're going to struggle. It's the parents fault for letting these babies to get so huge, they control their diet. Try gaining 10,15,20 pounds see if it's more difficult walking, breathing, coughing, you're miserable!! Don't make your babies fat to see chubby cheeks or being cute, it's not cute seeing them struggle to breathe, crawl and walk. Healthy babies, normal weight are cute.being able to breathe.