Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Airship created by eggshell | Beautiful eggshells Arts

Most of us if not all, never think of eggshells once we use the egg. For us egg is just part of our breakfast and we never give a second thought about its eggshell except that we need to discard it. In the past we have seen artists using variety of mediums to display their creativity; and here are some beautiful creative illustrations of how these eggshells can be used.

Airship: It's really impressive and surprising to know that one can create such an object by just using simple eggshell.

Beautiful Eggshells AirshipEggshells Art AirshipEggshells Airship Eggshells Airship Eggshells Airship Eggshell Planter: These look cute, and if you are interested to make few of these for self, here is the link.

Eggshell PlanterEggshell Planter (13) 2Eggshell Planter (13) 3Eggshell Loudspeaker: Handcraft loudspeakers using eggshells as cabinets is the creation of Flickr user Gomhi.

Eggshell LoudspeakerEggshell Stands:

Eggshell Stands and Airship(Image credit: rackle3726).

Artwork With Eggshells: This is the work of Gary LeMaster. Here is the gallery - link.

LotusJeweled Eggs: This beautiful work of art is of Carl Fabergé (a Russian jeweller), famous for Fabergé eggs, which were made in the style of genuine Easter eggs. These were created using precious metals & gemstones that added greatly to the beauty of the work.

Jeweled Eggs (9) 4Here is the gallery - link.

Box With Eggshell:

Art With Eggshell(Image credit: peva).

Box With Eggshell (3) 1(Image credit: peva).

Box With Eggshell Art(Image credit: peva).

Eggshell Mosaic:

Eggshell Mosaic(Image credit: soopahgrover).

Eggshell Goldfish Mosaic:

Eggshell Goldfish Mosaic(Image credit: heartwindowsart).

Roses Eggshell Mosaic:

Roses Eggshell Mosaic(Image credit: heartwindowsart).

Easter Eggshell Mosaic: Here is how to make it - link.

Easter Eggshell Mosaic

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