Monday, September 8, 2008

Ways to improve memory of your child!

Are you a bit conscious about the memory of your child? Apply these ways and improve the memory of your child.

* Sleep: Sleep plays an important part in improving memory of children. Adequate sleep in relaxed mind is very important to maintain a good memory.
* Avoid watching TV while eating: Do not allow your child to watch television while eating. Children keep talking and eating while watching TV. Hence most of the organs like eyes, ears, mouth, hands etc keep working during that time and later they become restless. This disturbs the concentration and these children lack a good memory.
* Proper food: Healthy food is a necessity for a healthy mind. Give milk, eggs fish, peanuts, millet, corn, spinach, fruits etc. which are protein and vitamin rich.
* Make the things interesting: If the children found the things interesting and favorite they will learn them more easily and build up a strong remembrance for the concerned things. For example for kids make the lessons musical and colorful. They will enjoy them and learn them too.
* Repeat the lessons: Keep the lessons repeated either by singing, talking or in picture form. This will keep revising the things and make a place in their mind.
* Exercise: Let your child to go for exercise daily. It not only improves body but improves mind and memory. Fresh air in the morning keeps the mind relaxed which is needed for a healthy mind and thoughts.
* Do not pressurize: Do not give stress of studies on your child. Let him give some rest time to time. Continuous study hours will make the mind dumb.

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