Monday, June 21, 2010

12 Strange Pizzas | Cooking Pizzas caviar

Here is a $1000 pizza with caviar, chives, lobster, and creme fraiche. What? No black truffles? Take this back, I'm no peasant!
A choco pizza with all sorts of strange dessert like items.
A fried egg on a microwave pizza.
A pickle, port and grape pizza.
A gigantic hamburger with two pizzas as the bun.
A taco pizza, as previously shown on NTN.
A pizza with quail eggs.
For some reason, a pizza with a rubber chicken, candy and bananas, among other things.
This pizza from Korea has a golden sweet potato baked crust, topped with potato wedges, bacon, corn, sour cream, herbs, cheese, marinara sauce, and crushed nacho chips.
This one started as a frozen chicken pizza from California Pizza Kitchen, then it was topped with chopped turkey sandwich meat, green onions, salad peppers and bacon, then topped with three eggs.
From Taiwan, topped with mayo, ham, cheese, and hot dogs.

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