Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Famous painters copied photographs capture the moment

Photographs inspired impressionists to capture the moment, but did you know that some of the most famous paintings of Van Gogh, Toulouse Laurence or Paul Gauguin were inspired on an original photograph?

1. Paul Gauguin

Somethin painters copied photographs
2. Paul Cezanne

Banista1a, de Paul Cezanne
3. Toulouse Lautrec

La Troupe, de Toulouse Lautrec Pareja en un bar, 1891 Jane Avril
4. Vincent Van Gogh

La madre del pintor, 1888
Retrato del pintor belga E. Boch, 1888
5. Edgar Degas

Bailarinas detrás del escenario: montaje y cuadroDespués del baño, 1896El Vizconde Lepic con sus hijas y su perro AlbrecktEnsayo de ballet con escalera de caracol. 1877
More info: Impressionism and photography

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  1. Can you give any information on the sources for the photographs and how you connected each one to the painter?