Saturday, October 11, 2008

Woman’s Paper Skin a Walking Notepad

Huang Xiangji is a 50-year-old woman from Chengdu who uses her skin like writing paper.

Woman’s Paper Skin a Walking Notepad

Huang claims that when she writes a word on her skin by using her fingernail, the letters protrude from her skin a moment later.

“I used my body as a notebook for years,” says Huang.

Even as a child, she was able to do this and she would often create shopping lists on her arm before going out to the stores

For this Chinese woman who suffers from a condition called artificial urticaria, her skin has served as a notebook for all the years of her life.

This strange medical anomaly has no ill effects, but most agree that it is very weird.


  1. If she is Chinese, why does the picture have english words on it? This is either fake or someone is lazy.

  2. It's definitely not fake. I have this condition.

  3. can i ask you?
    what's it's effect?
    it could harm our health
    because i'am suffering in this condition.