Tuesday, May 13, 2008

13 Crazy Examples of Why English is the Most Hilarious Language to Learn

A compilation of translated English signs from a foreign country, which convey totally different messages from what they wanted to achieve - with hilarious results.

We've got too many names for private body parts.

We aren't a very trusting people (but at least we let you know up-front)

We are prejudiced towards our ailing and our liquor heads.

We haven't yet found this answer to the problem of abuse. If abusers had to pay to do the job, who knows how many of them would give it up.

Our health and safety laws have gone crazy, even getting yourself killed these days requires filling out a form.

Our men love wearing dresses, (that can't be good).

Then they change into animals (after you've married them, mind)

You always have to be careful that you're getting the real stuff. We specialise in imitations.

We fatten our old and disabled by giving them lots of rest, so we could then roast them on a spit.

Euthanasia at its best. We've invested in complicated "do it yourself" (DIY) machines, and have all got our own personal, unique numbers for when the time is right.

We reuse, reduce and recycle - anything.

We can get high on every day foods.

We have a special place for everything.

How difficult it is for foreigners to learn English, evidenced in the obvious difficulties speakers of other languages have when writing signs which cater for us Anglophones. But not only does it seem difficult to express, English many times, if not worded correctly, can bring about the most ridiculously funny scenarios there are.

So why is English the most hilarious language to learn?

Pictures courtesy of Engrish.


  1. Im surprised there aren't more comments in this blog. Funny stuff.

  2. That made me Lol so hard I almost wet myself!:)

    Very Funny