Thursday, February 2, 2006

Tips For Makeing Bunny

To make the inside of the ears, take the plastic applicator from the Playtex tampon and use scissors or a utility knife to slice it into vertical strips. The tip of each strip should be one of the applicator “petals”; continue cutting till you reach the ridged base of the tube, then cut across. Round off the square bottom of each strip.

Fill the length of each rabbit ear tampon with hot glue and press a plastic applicator strip into place, with the pointed end up and the curved part pointing out.

Remove string from Playtex tampon and set it aside. Set the tampon “point” up. Use a generous amount of hot glue to attach ears, placing them inside the “creases” or folds of the tampon.

Cut off the tip of one of the remaining pink plastic applicator “petals.” This triangular piece will be the nose. Hot glue it to the tip of the Playtex tampon.

Hot glue the eyes in place.

Cut the pipe cleaners into four two-inch pieces and hot glue into place on either side of the nose. If you wish to hang the bunny as an ornament, hot glue the reserved string onto the back.

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